“”The biggest problem that I’ve run into with web design folks before is their lack of reliability and their insistence on THEIR way. That’s not the case with Dan. I’ve had him design — and maintain — two of my sites and I couldn’t be more pleased with his service. He’s reliable, does great work, and is very easy to work with. He’s a perfect match for my business. And, what’s especially amazing about him is that he’s delivered great products and we’ve never even met face-to-face.”
-Eric Ryan, RyanNonProfits.com and EVChallengeKids.org

“Dan is great to work with. He made my site exactly how I asked and is only an email away when I need to change something. I know I can rely on him so one less thing for me to worry about.”
-Treadmill Review Guru, TreadmillReviewGuru.com

“ThunderSpark was so fast that they had my website finished before I was even ready to sell anything. I was counting on a couple months like all the other companies quote. But they had it done in just three days! After it was done there were things I wanted to change and add and all I did was email a list over to Dan and he took care of everything that day. I couldn’t be happier with this arrangement.”
-Carson Woolley, CheaterWrench.com

“I have made websites before but it can take me a while and my focus is more in graphic design than in coding. I asked for Dan’s help and he had my new blog up and running with all the features I had asked for. He helped me login and walked me through WordPress so that I could run the blog myself and it has been working out great.”
-Katy Stephens, AllYogaReviews.com

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