Outsource To ThunderSpark

Are you also in the web design business? Then let ThunderSpark help you out with our premier outsourcing program.

It’s simple. For $499 we will make a professional, custom website using WordPress. We don’t need access to your client or their hosting account. You simply install WordPress, send us the login credentials and we’ll have their website up in 48 hours or less!

What?! 48 hours or less?! They must be crazy over at ThunderSpark!

Nope, not crazy, just crazy good at what we do. You and I both know that if you just sit down and do it you can have a WordPress site up in no time. And we both know you are charging your client $1,000 or more and quoted them two or three months to complete the project. What better way to please your client than to have it done in days and without doing it yourself? And the best part is with our low rate of just $499 per website you are guaranteed to still make money!

Now obviously a transactional site might take a little longer. This is because we need to have merchant account information and all the product information and images. Clients aren’t always very quick to provide that necessary information, so that can slow us down. And if there are hundreds of products to upload, it might take a few more days. For this reason, any ecommerce website is $999 and will take at least a week, sometimes longer depending on client cooperation. But hey, you are charging $3,000 as it is and really don’t want to go through the tedious chore of creating new pages for each of their hundred products.

When you outsource to ThunderSpark, you are not getting some cheap web design company in India. We do it all ourselves so you are dealing with people who are native English speakers in the United States and are available to contact when you are. We do not simply turn around and outsource your outsourcing. We make the websites completely in house.

We also will not include your client’s website in our portfolio so no one will ever know you outsourced its creation. To see an example of a website that we built for another web design company, click here.

Have any other questions? Want to hire ThunderSpark to help you get through those projects that seem eternally on your to do list? Please use the form to the right to contact us!

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