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ThunderSpark’s New Pricing Structure


We are pleased to announce that our pricing structure has changed as of September 27, 2013. We tried to operate on a low monthly fee, but customers were concerned about ongoing costs and didn’t like the recurring fee hitting their account. So we have decided to throw that out the window and do something crazy. We’re now making customized, professional websites for just $499!

The ThunderSpark Difference


Ever wonder what sets ThunderSpark Web Design apart from the competition? We have created this helpful graphic to illustrate. Enjoy!

Google Shows Why You Need Your Own Website


If you are a small business owner or blogger, you’ve probably thought that getting a website at Blogspot or using a Facebook page is sufficient for your needs. There are several reasons why they are not. First and foremost, you don’t actually own anything. The URL is not yours, the content is not yours, nothing […]

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